Real Estate Crowdfunding with Retirement Funds

Real Estate Crowdfunding with Retirement Funds

Saturday, September 16, 2017


Harry Cohen

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  1. Bitcoin, Stocks, or Real Estate
    19 Dec, 2017
    Bitcoin, Stocks, or Real Estate
    As we wrap up 2017, wouldn't it have been great to know what we know now in January? Bitcoin is reportedly the most googled term in web searches now. The most popular cryptocurrency has rocketed to levels even the most ardent supporters didn't call. I've blogged before about how I almost bought Bitcoin a few years back. So, like many of us, I have a story of how I could have been a millionaire. Of course, one must make a lot of assumptions - the most prominent is whether one would have sold with
  2. Hiatus
    13 Oct, 2017
    I would like to thank all of our EasyMoneyRealty readers for their patience.  We are taking a little break from posting new material. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments!
  3. Updates Again?
    09 Sep, 2017
    Updates Again?
    I will quickly update EasyMoneyRealty readers on 3 other real estate crowdfunding platforms in which I have invested. EquityMultiple - I have six investments, five equity and one debt. I currently have more money with EquityMultiple than any other crowdfunding platform. I have received distributions on 3 of the 6 properties thus far. In addition, one of my equity investment should provide me a second distribution this week. The other three investments with EquityMultiple are quite new but I
  4. Deferred Sales Trust
    03 Sep, 2017
    Deferred Sales Trust
    Our recent post "Deferred Tax" was by far our most read post in the history of EasyMoneyRealty! I guess it makes sense. Most of us don't like paying taxes. But most of us want to follow the rules and law because it's the right thing to do and we don't want to get in trouble! So it's very interesting to learn of a great tax strategy like the Deferred Sales Trust. A Deferred Sales Trust or DST can be used when you sell a business, a piece of real estate, or other assets. If you don't need all the
  5. More Updates
    29 Aug, 2017
    More Updates
    Thanks for letting us share updates on a couple of more real estate crowdfunding platforms. I am yet to experience any major issues with any investment on any platform. Through various contacts, I am increasing aware of the risks that can occur in real estate crowdfunding. Defaults do and have occurred on multiple platforms. I continue to be a big fan of investing in cash flowing real estate via crowdfunding but I don't want our readers to ignore the risks. I still have not invested in real
  6. Tax Deferral
    25 Aug, 2017
    Tax Deferral
    With the rapid rise of real estate crowdfunding, I wonder how many individuals want to sell their individually owned real estate investment properties. One big concern with selling real estate is the tax hit that inevitably comes. A real estate investor can sell their investment property and do a 1031 Exchange. This involves buying an equally or more expensive piece of real estate (or more than one real estate investment that total more than the property being sold). In the scenario above, the
  7. And the Results are...
    19 Aug, 2017
    And the Results are...
    And the results are...not in yet. A few months back, when starting this blog, I reviewed the real estate crowdfunding platforms in which I personally invested. We then moved on to a variety of topics and interviews. I promised to circle back around to the specific platforms and give updates. In reality, it has not been long enough to have anything close to the final results. However, let's go through some updates. There are some regulatory/legal reasons why I cannot be as specific as I would
  8. Learning More
    08 Aug, 2017
    Learning More
    For those of us who recall the days before the internet , it is so much easier to get information and gain knowledge on almost any topic. I wonder the age cut off for knowing what the picture above is! I started EasyMoneyRealty to focus on real estate crowdfunding as I found limited information on this specific topic when I started to invest in this space.  There are tremendous resources out there on personal finance and investing in general.  Some of these websites will discuss real estate and
  9. Invest with Uncle G?
    02 Aug, 2017
    Invest with Uncle G?
    I posted earlier this year about Grant Cardone, affectionately called Uncle G by his fans. Check out that post here. For the first time, he is offering an investment opportunity into a group of investment properties rather than a single property. Specifically, he is raising $40,000,000 for the Cardone Equity Fund. Grant is a big proponent of sticking to multi-family residential properties. Grant hosted a live video introduction from his home Saturday evening and took questions real time by the